Friday, January 22, 2010

Gwenipooh's New Kit - 365 Days of Love

I made this card with Gwenipooh's new kit - 365 Days of Love. Can I tell you how fun this is? You can use this for your 365 project - it has some cute day labels. But I have finally realized that I'm not ready for P365 yet. I am planning to try and premake some cards this year so that when I need them I can just grab and go. Do you have a stash like that?

Here's the hybrid card I made. I'm not sure whether I will use this for Valentine's Day or to give it on a regular hard day when someone needs a little extra cheer and surprise. We'll see!

I love the colors - love the grays and whites with the baby blue and bright pink - it'd be great for boy or girl pages and Valentines. But the little flower patterns are so cute!!!

Here's a preview of the whole kit.

And Gwen has an add-on available on her blog too!

Happy Friday!


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