Thursday, July 28, 2011

Some fun sales…


by some great designers. Elise is moving and she has some retiring products as well as a sale on those that will be transferring to the new store as well.


She’s moving to one of my other favorite scrap stores… August 1!

And Tinamarie is having her birthday sale for the rest of this month – so be sure to snag anything you love!


Tinamarie is going to guest at another store next month as well. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Scrapbooking Goal #2 Check-in

I posted about my organizational scrapbooking goal here and now I’m back to see how I’ve done over the last two weeks.

So I haven’t been working very hard at deleting, but I have spent a chunk of time at least three times over the last two weeks organizing some high use folders. I moved a lot of kits into their proper positions, deleted duplicates of the same designer named in my system in different ways. And I deleted a LOT of folders!

Lets see how it turned out – my initial snapshots are small sizes and the large snapshots are the larger images.



Hmmm…. so I knew that my total GB wasn’t going to go down because my finger wasn’t hot on the delete key – so 45 GB to 44.9 GB wasn’t a big surprise. But I really thought I had deleted at least 100 folders and the count – 16,390 to 16,392. Up? Oh well.

This just tells me that the numbers aren’t the whole story because at least I am feeling a bit better about my kit organization and I have a slightly better sense of what I have and what I don’t. My worst fear is getting some of my favorites twice….

And at least I tried to work on it. It’s got going to get better if I don’t spend the time. Off to try again!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Yay!!!! New CT!



Pinch me….I think I’m dreaming. Is that me in the lower right corner next to those superstars?

Thank you so much Lynnette for the invitation. I’m ready to be awesome, creative, and adventurous. Or at least try!

(And I’m really hoping that this template team with help me with my #1 scrapbooking goal – more layouts!)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Scrapping Related Goals 2011–Part 4

See part one here.

And part two here.

Part three here.


4. To blog more - more posts, more meaningful content.

Well, I have done some posts and this month has certainly been my best so far. I love using Live Writer - it makes posts faster since the photos just upload at the end rather than while I am ready to write. And I think that these last four posts along with my 2 or 3 new 52 posts have been the best I've done so far. I want my blog to have a bit more than just here’s what I’ve done. More along the lines of my layout goal of more journaling and more meaningful journaling.  


Looking to do more. I think I can. I hope these posts continue to inspire me to keep with it.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Scrapping Related Goals 2011 –Part 3


See part one here.

And part two here.

3.To incorporate more of my rubber stamping tools into my hybrid and stamp more.

Much of my crafting life before I discovered digital scrapping involved rubber stamping. When I think about it - there are actually many similarities between the two (with the added benefit of easy resizing on the computer). But I have these supplies that I still just love that have been sitting sadly in the corner, waiting for their day. Finally it came this month, I created two cards recently that involved stamping and even stamped on its own for one of the first times since I became involved in digiscrapping and it felt good. Although, it is messy - inky fingers and stuff scattered all around my apartment! Next step is to pull out my Spellbinders die cuts - I'm looking forward to it.

Here's a card with a super cutey elephant stamp from Stampendous. (Papers from Tangerine Twist by LDrag).



To keep with my goal I want to continue to combine my stamping with my digi hybrid and create more stamping solo projects.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Scrapping related goals 2011–Part 2


My second goal for this year. See part one here.

2. To spend less time organizing but be more efficient.

I'm using ACDSee right now and I do LOVE it - when I've tagged what I am looking for. Problem is - I go through phases of caring and making the time and then phases of feeling so time crunched and thinking I only have time to create my project or layout- and no time to organize which = GAPs in organizing.

Why does it take me so long to organize? One- I seem to like thinking about organizing more than doing it. And because I'm indecisive. Sometimes I find myself laughing - I mean I go back and forth and this takes me several minutes if not more to decide - should I file under T for The Lilypad or under L for lilypad. Once I've made that decision, I then encounter -The Digichick, forgetting I've already made a decision and then in my current mood make the opposite decision of what I had previously chosen. I have a really hard time choosing and then sticking with it without second guessing myself.

But on to my new step... This is a work in progress, I've just transferred all my digi kits to one central drive - before I had a combination on my computer and the full-to-the-brim drive. I'm going to try again with the small amounts at a time approach - this time focusing on the kits that I know I will want to find again ie CT designer kits and then moving on from there.

Here's a look at what I've got going on right now. To keep myself accountable, I'll post what this looks like in 2 weeks. (Thank you snipping tool for allowing me to create this screenshot.)



Maybe later I'll post more about what is going on with my photos as well, but for now let's leave it at Lightroom, desperately behind in Finding Photo Freedom (and Library of Memories for that matter), recent trip with not only mine but 4 sets of photos to sort, still needing to import before 2008.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Scrapping Related Goals 2011–Part 1

Inspired by Lynnette (nettio) , I'm going to post over the next several days about some of the scrapping related goals I set for myself this year - 2011. I didn't write them down officially before  -but here's a chance to see where I'm at and maybe set some smaller goals to get to where I hope to be.

I also think that this might be a good idea because I'm not sure that I am doing all I could be....and I think this is a good time to reassess. With the ScrapMatters newsletter on hiatus this summmer, I've had more time at the end and beginning of this month to be creative for myself!

  1. To scrap more layouts again…

Well, in general this one is not going as well as I hoped but it isn't going badly either. When I have a new digi kit in front of me, I often get distracted into the world of hybrid and a lot of my creative energy can go in that direction.

But I like having a record of me. I like the combination of words and photos that tells more of the story. So... my goal has not been just to scrap more layouts this year (2011) but also to put more journaling and more meaningful journaling into my layouts.

Here are two pages I scrapped recently!! They are very random, but I love how they came out.

This one started from a memory trigger - no photos but I hadn't thought about this trip since high school and then a bunch came flooding back.


Credits: Summertime Fun: Camping Out by Jady Day Studio and Family Fun by Plum Dumpling Designs

And this one is from a trip in 2008 - I've been thinking about this forest trip and when I looked at many of the photos - they look quite similar. I have to think about what makes that photo unique and why I took it to begin with.


Credits: Hip to Be and Bottom Ups 4 by Traci Reed

I'm hoping that the act of scrapping more will also help me to get my photos in order - but it's kind of a loop isn't it?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Good Times CD Folder

I created this fun CD folder – never mind that I haven’t even made the mix CD I plan to put inside yet… this fun and bright little envelope is inspiring me to make the CD I’ve planned for a while now.
and inisde:
I get worried about CDs slipping out the tops of envelopes like this (especially when the person you give this to turns it upside down without realizing) so I added a ribbon to secure it all together.
This uses Lazy Days  by Jenn Barrette – she’s guesting this month at her old home – ScrapMatters- during July!(later it will be released at her Sweet Shoppe store) and the CD folder template by Simply J.

Love how it come out!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Paper Garden Topiary

I am so happy that my tutorial to create a paper garden – topiary tree was featured in the May 2011 Artisan Notebook in the Hybrid Corner.

It uses digital items from the following kits by Jenn Barrette:
Papers from Petite Mademoiselle, Best.Birthday.Ever, Blah Blah Blah, and Cuppycake Love by Jenn Barrette
Papers and elements from So Happy Together by Shawna Clingerman and Jenn Barrette.
I really love how this project came out – probably one of my favorites ever.

Monday, July 4, 2011

July 2011 DST Featured Designer–Traci Reed!


Traci Reed is a most fantastic designer – I love so many of her products, it’s hard to restrain myself from the add to cart button! This month’s kit is called Daydreams and Jelly Beans and is available to Gold members. Love it. Her designs are available at the Sweet Shoppe.

Here’s the card I created – I just love how all the patterns came together. I used a card template by Colleen Swerb from NSD and the flower tutorial Cristina created for the April 2010 ScrapMatters newsletter (wow, was it that long ago?)


And here’s a detail photo of the flower – I’m never going to be able to fit this one in an envelope!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

DST July 2011 New to You Designer–Irene Alexeeva


This month’s featured designer is really fun and I love the kit. My favorite element is the crown – so I had to make sure it was front and center!

Using Let Them Eat Cake by Irene Alexeeva: