Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 Goals in a layout!

I was so excited when Lynnette (nettio designs) created this set of templates for goal related layouts. It’s Goal-tastic. Look how cute that one with the word quote cut out is!

I was all ready to scrap because I just posted my goals on this blog. So for the journaling  - I copied and pasted my 12 2012 goals and then reordered them, took out the numbers, and changed  some to add some personal goals as well as scrapbooking goals.

Positivity by Jenn Barrette and Lauren Reid
It’s Goal-tastic Templates by Nettio Designs
My personal goals include reading more and writing at least a paragraph in response to each book. I’ve found that when I look back at books I’ve read a while ago or not so long ago, I can’t remember as much as I’d like to. I’m not really going to focus on plot – more my response to characters, situations, likes, dislikes, inspiration….I’ve tried this with three books so far and like how it is going.
I also want to be more flexible this year. I was inspired by Elise Blaha a long time ago about how one of her goals was to do the splits. I’ve always wanted to do this in the back of my mind, but just didn’t think it possible. But I’ve been noticing that when I bend, I feel really stiff and it has gotten out of control. So any improvement in flexibility I would be ecstatic about.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Meet Harold and Vinnie.

I just think they are adorable. When they were finished, I knew they were just right. Jenn Barrette has a new kit called Puppy Love. So cute.


And I’ve been wanting a puppy for a while but I just can’t go for it right now because of the traveling I do. But these little guys warm my heart.

Here’s Harold:


Here’s Harold sleuthing out the truth in a paperback:HK_JB_puppylove_haroldmass600And this is Vinnie:HK_JB_puppylove_vinnie600

I used a Martha Stewart punch (one that I got patterned off a Japanese punch) to create a weaving hole for the ribbon leash (blue ribbon – American Crafts, brown and blue ribbon – unknown company – from Michaels).  I also printed out a similar colored paper to adhere to the back and make the bookmark more sturdy.

Excuse me while I go take these guys for a walk!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Jan 2012 Organization Check in


Digital scrapbooking kits:

I feel like I am making some headway. I’ve organized all the kits I have from one store and now I am moving on to the next. I’ve had the opportunity to search for some Christmas supplies and found a kit I didn’t even know I had and also rediscovered some old kits that I would like to use again. I find it motivating seeing my organization in practice because that’s the whole reason I am spending the time, right? For easy access. Also I need to use it to see if I really am organizing in the way that is most effective for me.

Jan 03, 2012


Today: Jan 20, 2012DigiscrapKits2012.01.20

Main folders: 265

Previews tagged: 845

Total space: 219 GB

Files: 214, 829

Folders: 15906


Photo stats:

Jan 17, 2012

Total: 76180

To Keyword: 54438

To Rename: 3313

To Star: 55668/48366

This is where I am starting from now. As you can see I have my work cut out for me, but I see the numbers going down a little. And I am really looking forward to having more photos on hand to scrap!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012–Here WE come!


Here’s a recap of my 2011 scrapbooking goals.

1. To scrap more layouts again…

2. To spend less time organizing but be more efficient.

3.To incorporate more of my rubber stamping tools into my hybrid and stamp more.

4. To blog more - more posts, more meaningful content.

Good. But now I hope this year to change things a little. 

Revamped Goals for 2012


1. Twelve layouts a month.

2. Use more of the kits in my stash.

3. Participate in more challenges.

4. Be more active in classes.

5. In LOM fashion, 15-20 minutes on as many days a week as I can fit it in, working on my photo triage and preparation for slideshows and scrapbooking.

6. 15-20 minutes on as many days a week as I can, working on my digi kit organization and rediscovery.

7. Try a monthly round up – aiming for completion by the middle of the next month.

8. Get my memorabilia and ephemera ready for display.

9. Try at least one new technique a month.

10. Print some layouts.

11. Leave more gallery comments.

12. Update blog more with meaningful posts.


I am going to try and keep track of my “stats” a little more to see if  I find them motivating. If they don’t help, I am going to discontinue that portion of my plan.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

2011 Goal Check In–To Make Way for 2012!


Here is a list of the goals I posted in July 2011 – how am I doing?

1. To scrap more layouts again…

2. To spend less time organizing but be more efficient.

3.To incorporate more of my rubber stamping tools into my hybrid and stamp more.

4. To blog more - more posts, more meaningful content.

1. Definitely heading in the right direction with scrapping more layouts. I have a couple of ideas on how to improve and scrap more. Including a really inspiring class and the completion of my Christmas book. I’ll expound more on this section later. I really want to get myself prepared so that when I have time to scrap, I’ll know what stories I want to tell.

2. Yes and no, with the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012, I have had a bit of time to do more organizing. I am trying to spend a little bit of time on all the days I can to organize some of my scrapping supplies and photos. I am making progress and that is FANTASTIC!

3. Well, I haven’t done so well here – but I think that is mostly because I have been traveling a lot and have been away from many of my rubber stamps. It makes me really appreciate how much I am able still to do my digital projects since I travel with my computer and external hard drive. I will look to this as a continued goal for 2012.

4. I am happier with the posts that I have written. They say a bit more. I would like to improve on consistency. I hope to save my blog posts for future reading because they say more about where I am now. I would like to use the blog as a reflection of me but more casual. With content that doesn’t really need a layout (or could be a future layout). That really can be satisfied with mostly words.

I like these four goals and will strive to work on them in the coming year. I also have some more goals and reflections that I plan to post about later as well as my word for the year (a hint is in the fun surprises post I created earlier!). 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Fun surprises!

I love creating stuff – well because it’s fun. But I can’t say that I don’t love it when someone notices something I’ve created and says “I’m inspired too!” or simply “I like that!”

I thought I’d compile a little list of notices I’ve had over the past months that make me happy.

Hybrid Gallery Stand Out At Me So Scrappy! Oct 24, 2011


I’ve been enjoying making cards – I usually end up making cards for a particular reason and for a particular person. This year, I would like to increase my stash of cards that I can give away so that I can be more prepared at short notice.

Pinned on Pinterest! Nov 26, 2011


This makes me happy. I really haven’t made the dive into pinterest yet. But 2012 may be the year to start.

Me on the Daily Digi – Scrapbooking Books! December 27, 2011


This is something I plan to continue this year – reading more and documenting my reads by at least writing a paragraph about each book – I’m not sure if I am going to scrap them all or not yet – we’ll see what works.

I’m planning to post soon about my plans for this year – maybe if I record it – I will be more successful?!