Thursday, February 17, 2011

New 52 – Givin’ it a try!


Here's something else I'm a bit late on the bandwagon. But I'm starting today. New 52 was started by Peppermint and Christine and the idea is (short version and how I interpret it) – to do something new every week to experience more, get a bit out of the normal routine, and maybe feel like you are slowing time down for a while.

I actually have two new things to blog about to start this project off with a bang. I'm blogging a bit about me. Last year, I said that I was going to try and blog more. And I think it didn't work because during the time I spend on the internet - I am at other sites, galleries, and forums - not at my own place. My new idea is trying Live Writer to see if I can work on more posts here and there. We'll see what happens. But I also plan to not get mad at myself when/if I don't make my goal.

I'm reading a new book now called Glamorous Powers by Susan Howarth - a book at first glance I never thought I'd read because it's about a monk, but it's great. I picked it up at a Barnes and Noble bargain books sale. There are some traumatizing moments, but I love the deep respect of religion and the main character's perspective - he's hilarious.

I also was thinking the other day, that when I first started digital scrapbooking, I was learning something new or experimenting with each layout. For whatever reason, time, speed, becoming familiar enough etc. I seem to have fallen out of this practice. I'm planning to restart and consciously try something new with at least one layout a week.
This layout - if you can believe it - is the first time I have tried the really small photos. (Yes - again late on the bandwagon). And I'm loving it! I like how some really special photos to me can be on the layout, but it's not all about them.


La La Land and Summer Breeze by the Design Girl
Fuss Free Don't Box Me In 2 by Fiddle Dee Dee Designs

Wow, with that post I've got three news, maybe I'm catching up with 2011! Here's to new 52!

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