Thursday, February 24, 2011

New 52 – Reasons


Okay – so part of me is freaked out about this project because I also don’t like change. And irl things might change for me a lot soon so maybe that’s part of the reason I wanted to start the newness – so that big newness might not seem as shocking if I can handle little new things….but the point is that I don’t really know what is going to happen in the future, so I’ll try as best I can to take advantage of now.

My new for this week – is a way of getting rid of some stuff I don’t need. I’m a bit of a pack rat and I love having my favorite things close to me. But I also have some stuff around that I don’t need. For example, I bought this mouthwash that is not so great – I don’t plan to buy it again. I stopped using it and having been using my regular mouthwash. Now I have been having two bottles on my shelf for longer than I want to admit. My plan is to – use it or lose it. And when I reached my hand to the unfavorable mouthwash to put it in the trash (if I’m not going to use it…) all of a sudden I heard this voice in my head say –“It wasn’t so bad.” So I have to keep using it until it’s done or it goes bye-bye anyway. It’s a little step, but one I’m proud of so far.

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