Sunday, November 27, 2011

Beginning a December album

I’ve decided to create a December album this year – I’ve been debating this for several years now and all the inspiration I see is finally getting to me. I’m not planning on something daily because I honestly don’t do that many holiday related events prior to Christmas… I love some parts of the holiday festivities, but others I’m just fine without. This year feels like it is going to be different and I want to celebrate it. I’d like to start out small and see what it becomes.

I’m going to do a 5 x 7 size book – the reason for the size with become apparent soon enough. And I finished my first page.


Candy Alphas (recolored), Flowers ‘N Swirls, Holiday Stamps and Bits, Striped Papers, Photo Frames no. 7 by Jenna Desai

Pea Natalie

I’m really ready recently to be bloggily active (and scrappily active) right now. I hope it keeps up. It feels good to post and create.

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