Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So Thankful.


This Thanksgiving was not the most elaborate in terms of celebration for me. But I think that it is one where I was able to celebrate the things in life that I am thankful for even more than usual. I really think that scrapbooking and the current interest in being grateful and celebrating the big and little parts of our lives has helped me to gain perspective.

That’s where this layout comes in. Some layouts we do about a small specific event. Some layouts are really general. The layout I started out making – I thought it was going to have little quirky items in a list. But it ended up being really big picture and general. I think it’s nice to zoom out and zoom in at times.


I created this layout using Thankful by Elise’s Pieces and Embellish Holiday: Thankful by Nettio Designs and Traci Reed. I love how this template has the added stitching and slip-in pockets, they are such great layout starters. Stitching and page protectors – two of my current FAVES!

I used Rad Lab to edit this photo – it’s fun to play around with all the sliders – I think I need some more practice to see what the combinations create – it should be fun!

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