Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Help! Memorabilia Storage Problems!

I realized again recently that I’m not happy with my storage of memorabilia. Stuff that I love and want to keep from trips or gifts or just everyday stuff is mostly in a pile of paper that is “to be sorted.” This is ridiculous because the reason I want to keep these things is to have fun and remember, but it ends up as a tedious task.

I tried to fix this problem by sorting the papers into ziploc bags – with a different ziploc bag for each trip and a bag for items collected at home. Although this is better (I know generally where a ticket might be located), it doesn’t look pretty and doesn’t encourage me to check it out and reminisce every once and a while.

I need to have a better way to store my memorabilia so that when I go to look at it – it can be like how I look at my layouts – as a fun activity. Off to the internet to see what other people are doing….

I found this quiz that I thought might help on Club CK and thought maybe it would help.

1. What types of memorabilia do you have?

Ticket, receipts, cards, coins, brochures…

2. Where is your memorabilia currently stored?

Either in a pile or in a separate ziploc bag.

3. How important is your memorabilia to you?

Very important. I LOVE collecting paper reminders. My best friend says that I will pick up anything that is not nailed down (and free).

4. Do you enjoy your memorabilia--either by going through it, seeing it, or displaying it--on a regular basis?

No, this is what I am sad about. I never get to go through it and enjoy. I usually only encounter it as part of tidying or house cleaning and then I am on a mission and don’t get a chance to check it out.

5. Do you or would you like to use your memorabilia in your scrapbooks?

Maybe. Although since I am digi – I don’t tend to use it very much and I find scanning boring. I also love having the actual piece of paper in my hands – to me – it is very different than looking at a scan.

BUT I really want a way to display it – maybe next to pages or on their own. Or maybe I would come up with more ideas, memories, and stories if I saw my memorabilia more.

6. Are you able to find your memorabilia to incorporate into your scrapbook pages when you want it?

Short answer – no. And sometimes the loose papers that don’t have homes have gotten tossed inadvertently. Bad scrapbooker and memory keeper!


It’s interesting that in answering those quiz questions – I came up with some of the same ideas I had thought about before….

Then I checked out the internet some more….

Simple Scrapper

1. Folder – A majority of my memories from high school and college are tucked into a single purple folder embellished circa 1996 with stickers. It may be falling apart, but it packs away nicely and I know where it all is.

Maybe. I wish I could see it better. And I’m the kind of person who would try to fit too much in one folder.

2. Plastic Bins – I call my favorite set of Sterilite bins “double-wide shoeboxes” because they are about the same length as a shoebox, but wide enough to hold letter-sized paper, magazines etc. I keep cards and letters between my husband and I in one of these. These are also the perfect size to store a school year’s worth of memorabilia.

Also maybe. But whenever something goes into a box, I’m less likely to stop and take it out and that is one of my dreams with a new system – TO LOOK AT IT!

3. Page Protectors – Most often, the memorabilia I save is tied to a particular album I’ve planned in advance. (This helps me put boundaries on what I save.) I use page protectors in full-page and various divided configurations for saving papers, brochures and clippings from vacation.

This is intriguing. I feel like I want to be able to flip through my memorabilia and see it – is this the best way?

4. Filing Cabinet – During the year, we use our main filing system for temporary storage of memorabilia. Each child has his own folder and we also save photos we receive from friends and family. Once or twice a year, we empty these folders and transfer the items to one of the above options or the the recycle bin.

This feels practical and boring to me. My bills are in a filing cabinet. This is a dumb reason because I work on a computer. And I scrap on a computer. But I guess when I think about this I was dreaming of something prettier.

And the last informative page I looked at in my quick zoom around the net…

Get It Scrapped

I like the way those small tickets were displayed in 5.

Coins by Tammy Dailor


What does this remind me of? Project Life! I don’t know whether I want to go for it or not (I’m afraid of buying supplies and then not following through – and I feel more nervous about purchasing paper products now that I am digi). But doesn’t this seem awesome. One page and at least nine memories and pieces of memorabilia. Protected but removable. I’m really tempted.

Any thoughts or ideas?

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