Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Scrapping Related Goals 2011–Part 1

Inspired by Lynnette (nettio) , I'm going to post over the next several days about some of the scrapping related goals I set for myself this year - 2011. I didn't write them down officially before  -but here's a chance to see where I'm at and maybe set some smaller goals to get to where I hope to be.

I also think that this might be a good idea because I'm not sure that I am doing all I could be....and I think this is a good time to reassess. With the ScrapMatters newsletter on hiatus this summmer, I've had more time at the end and beginning of this month to be creative for myself!

  1. To scrap more layouts again…

Well, in general this one is not going as well as I hoped but it isn't going badly either. When I have a new digi kit in front of me, I often get distracted into the world of hybrid and a lot of my creative energy can go in that direction.

But I like having a record of me. I like the combination of words and photos that tells more of the story. So... my goal has not been just to scrap more layouts this year (2011) but also to put more journaling and more meaningful journaling into my layouts.

Here are two pages I scrapped recently!! They are very random, but I love how they came out.

This one started from a memory trigger - no photos but I hadn't thought about this trip since high school and then a bunch came flooding back.


Credits: Summertime Fun: Camping Out by Jady Day Studio and Family Fun by Plum Dumpling Designs

And this one is from a trip in 2008 - I've been thinking about this forest trip and when I looked at many of the photos - they look quite similar. I have to think about what makes that photo unique and why I took it to begin with.


Credits: Hip to Be and Bottom Ups 4 by Traci Reed

I'm hoping that the act of scrapping more will also help me to get my photos in order - but it's kind of a loop isn't it?

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