Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Scrapbooking Goal #2 Check-in

I posted about my organizational scrapbooking goal here and now I’m back to see how I’ve done over the last two weeks.

So I haven’t been working very hard at deleting, but I have spent a chunk of time at least three times over the last two weeks organizing some high use folders. I moved a lot of kits into their proper positions, deleted duplicates of the same designer named in my system in different ways. And I deleted a LOT of folders!

Lets see how it turned out – my initial snapshots are small sizes and the large snapshots are the larger images.



Hmmm…. so I knew that my total GB wasn’t going to go down because my finger wasn’t hot on the delete key – so 45 GB to 44.9 GB wasn’t a big surprise. But I really thought I had deleted at least 100 folders and the count – 16,390 to 16,392. Up? Oh well.

This just tells me that the numbers aren’t the whole story because at least I am feeling a bit better about my kit organization and I have a slightly better sense of what I have and what I don’t. My worst fear is getting some of my favorites twice….

And at least I tried to work on it. It’s got going to get better if I don’t spend the time. Off to try again!

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