Friday, February 24, 2012

Favorites Mini Book



Okay this may be one of my favorite hybrid projects ever. I used the Media Journalers by Kate Hadfield -

_khadfield_mediajournalersand the Spiral Bound Alpha to make this mini book. It was so easy to make. I just picked out some of the 3x4 journaling cards and placed some of the word art tags on each of the pages. Printed, cut, hole punched, and bound with a 1 inch binder ring. I made two of these and I liked the one that just had all of the cards facing front more than the one that was book style with two of the colored cards facing each other.

The best part? Filling it out! The pictures and words just brought to mind all of these fun memories. Lists, sentences, drawings? Whatever you want to write about the idea. And it was managable. I will treasure it forever.

A great idea is to print one out and give it to a friend or family member and have them fill out the same cards. It would be great to see all the different perspectives on the same theme.

LOVE IT! It has inspired me to do more projects like this. It also gave me an idea to jumpstart my travel and christmas journaling/pages.

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