Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 Goals in a layout!

I was so excited when Lynnette (nettio designs) created this set of templates for goal related layouts. It’s Goal-tastic. Look how cute that one with the word quote cut out is!

I was all ready to scrap because I just posted my goals on this blog. So for the journaling  - I copied and pasted my 12 2012 goals and then reordered them, took out the numbers, and changed  some to add some personal goals as well as scrapbooking goals.

Positivity by Jenn Barrette and Lauren Reid
It’s Goal-tastic Templates by Nettio Designs
My personal goals include reading more and writing at least a paragraph in response to each book. I’ve found that when I look back at books I’ve read a while ago or not so long ago, I can’t remember as much as I’d like to. I’m not really going to focus on plot – more my response to characters, situations, likes, dislikes, inspiration….I’ve tried this with three books so far and like how it is going.
I also want to be more flexible this year. I was inspired by Elise Blaha a long time ago about how one of her goals was to do the splits. I’ve always wanted to do this in the back of my mind, but just didn’t think it possible. But I’ve been noticing that when I bend, I feel really stiff and it has gotten out of control. So any improvement in flexibility I would be ecstatic about.

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  1. What a beautiful site. I have gleaned so much inspiration from these projects. As an avid reader of books and a lover of journals, I so enjoy seeing hybrid projects geared towards reading and writing. It's tempting to think, "How many different ways are there to make a bookmark?" But with Harold and Vinnie, Heather proves that there are *still* new and unthought-of ways to approach bookmark-making, and that the bookmark is far from exhausted as a form of art that's also functional, personal, and not to mention cute!