Friday, January 20, 2012

Jan 2012 Organization Check in


Digital scrapbooking kits:

I feel like I am making some headway. I’ve organized all the kits I have from one store and now I am moving on to the next. I’ve had the opportunity to search for some Christmas supplies and found a kit I didn’t even know I had and also rediscovered some old kits that I would like to use again. I find it motivating seeing my organization in practice because that’s the whole reason I am spending the time, right? For easy access. Also I need to use it to see if I really am organizing in the way that is most effective for me.

Jan 03, 2012


Today: Jan 20, 2012DigiscrapKits2012.01.20

Main folders: 265

Previews tagged: 845

Total space: 219 GB

Files: 214, 829

Folders: 15906


Photo stats:

Jan 17, 2012

Total: 76180

To Keyword: 54438

To Rename: 3313

To Star: 55668/48366

This is where I am starting from now. As you can see I have my work cut out for me, but I see the numbers going down a little. And I am really looking forward to having more photos on hand to scrap!

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