Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012–Here WE come!


Here’s a recap of my 2011 scrapbooking goals.

1. To scrap more layouts again…

2. To spend less time organizing but be more efficient.

3.To incorporate more of my rubber stamping tools into my hybrid and stamp more.

4. To blog more - more posts, more meaningful content.

Good. But now I hope this year to change things a little. 

Revamped Goals for 2012


1. Twelve layouts a month.

2. Use more of the kits in my stash.

3. Participate in more challenges.

4. Be more active in classes.

5. In LOM fashion, 15-20 minutes on as many days a week as I can fit it in, working on my photo triage and preparation for slideshows and scrapbooking.

6. 15-20 minutes on as many days a week as I can, working on my digi kit organization and rediscovery.

7. Try a monthly round up – aiming for completion by the middle of the next month.

8. Get my memorabilia and ephemera ready for display.

9. Try at least one new technique a month.

10. Print some layouts.

11. Leave more gallery comments.

12. Update blog more with meaningful posts.


I am going to try and keep track of my “stats” a little more to see if  I find them motivating. If they don’t help, I am going to discontinue that portion of my plan.

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